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NASA Mars Pictures – simply…..amazing

I’ve always had a fascination for space and the planets within our solar system. In First Grade (or perhaps Kindergarten), I chose to dress up as John Glenn. So, it really is no surprise to find me searching Hubble telescope images to use on my desktop.

I ran across this: slideshow pictures of Mars from a variety of telescopes.

How cool is this? To be able to see these images so readily on the Internet, yet physically so far away.

Of course, conspiracy theorists might say this images are faked, right? I would hope they are true images of Mars.

But, as one of my favorite TV characters, House, always said: “Everybody lies.”

In this case….I hope not, and I will choose to view them as I believe they are: real.

Oh, what does everyone think of this guy at NASA that has become an Internet sensation:  Bobak Ferdowsi? Perhaps all in Mission control should change up their hairstyles. Is that what NASA needed all these years to drum up interest?!


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