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I am, what I at least consider, an infant at writing. I have no experience other than with and even with that site, I’ve only been using it for a year. Prior to that, I would write stories for a friend during college. I remember in Junior High, being given an assignment to write any fictional story. I had no ideas, no direction on how to brainstorm. I felt lost. How could I possibly write about anything when I knew nothing? I had no life experiences, not really. I was book smart, but that wasn’t enough.

So, I wrote. I completed the assignment and turned it in. I was devastated when I received a poor grade and criticism for my work. That was when I initially started, then quickly stopped, writing. My story was about a ship or satellite (I have forgotten exactly) that manages to go through a black hole and through contact with a planet inhabited solely by robots, becomes artificially intelligent. Sure, a lame idea. I can imagine my writing skills were poor at best. And, if I think about it, I believe that was the premise for the first Star Trek TOS movie. V’Ger, a satellite, ended up gaining intelligence, only to return to Earth looking for it’s creator.

At any rate, I stopped writing for 6 years, or so, after that. Once I was in college, my friend encourage me to write her a story. We were bored and I had happened to describe a dream I had. She said I had a way with words and so it began. I tend to have odd and vivid dreams, so putting it on paper seemed to come naturally. Well, I wrote for the next 2-3 years, until we finished college and grew apart briefly due to work and life.

Then, last year, I woke remembering the strangest dream. A dream of being underwater. It was at night, the water was a dark blue, but visible for miles. There was no sea life or anything. Just sand that stretched on and on. I had come across a set of ruins in the water and explored them in my dream. The following night, I had the garden party dream. It was beautifully decorated and I could remember every detail, even down to the people who were walking with nooses around their necks. After I wrote the little story noted as ‘Remember’ under the FanFiction section, my friend gave me a challenge: Take a villain and make them the hero. And that was when the true fun for me began!

Now I am taking my first true and serious story and, hopefully, will have success in posting it as an ebook: Second On The Right.


How do you get inspired when wanting to write?


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