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City Of Heroes: Fond Memories, Good Times

Ah, City of Heroes….I will miss you when you end this year. Good memories with a friend long since passed (and an explanation of the name “SantaFlash”). Our band of superheroes consisted of the following players:

Azura – a tanker, basically a chick made of stone or something, really strong. Typical stands at the front of the group, not because she is a leader, but because she can handle hits. She was way too “hot” for SantaFlash (SF), in that her armor was fire.

Black Raven(BR) – a blaster, or sniper. Either way, it is someone who should hang back behind the group and take bad guys out one by one. It is not the best type to run into battle. That usually results in death. BR died so quickly, SF hardly had time to throughout pickup lines.

Captain Fabulous(CF) (honestly can’t remember the actual name) – a tanker. We had met him through COH. He was, in reality, a 50+ year old white male. Occupation: teacher (shudders). John and Brenda actually met him once while visiting other friends in the area. I was in that area too, but really had no desire to meet him. You might understand why after this story.

Tessarae- I can’t remember his character’s name or type. Know why? Because he sat on a ROCK rather than teaming up with us. Yeah, his wife is playing the same game as he and what does he do? Sit on a rock while his wife runs around saving the galaxy (or whatever) with two of his guy friends…yeah, yeah, and Brenda too.

Fallout. – I always put the “.” in Fallout, because that was the only way Brenda could get the name. She was the healer of the group. She did other stuff too, but that wasn’t as important as the healing….oh yeah, and an occasional snarky comment. But aren’t we all guilty of that? 🙂

Madison – a.k.a. Cryoguns to us. I forget what the character was. The guy was another person we met in game that lives in the South, I think. He was the one that mailed out Mello Yello when I had told him it was Brenda’s favorite, but we couldn’t buy it here. He was also my partner in crime when it came to snarky comments. I think if I were a guy, I’d be him. Scary.

SantaFlash – the greatest, most awesome character ever to exist. He was a blaster with Superspeed (duh) and stayed in the back sniping bad guys like he’s supposed to. The Flash is a known flirt, so SF often through lame pickup lines at the female characters in the group, including Fallout. (which Brenda thought was hilarious, I think).

Now you know the characters of the story, so here it goes:

We were on this mission (details don’t matter) and there were a lot of bad guys, enough to make us all toast. So, Capt’n Fabulous, the “teacher” of the group has a plan. Keep in mind that the Capt’n (GF) ALWAYS had suggestions, plans, instructions, criticisms (should I go on?). So, by this point, I’m really not caring. In fact, Madison and I were currently exchanging private message snarky remarks at that moment. heh

Capt’n Fabulous says that we need to stay huddle far enough away to not draw the attention of the group. (Because he’s so awesome…yeah right) Capt’n Fabulous will go and gain the attention of the bad guys, cause some damage, then give us the ‘signal’ to come in, guns ablazin’.

So, the group waits in the distance as we watch Capt’n Fabulous do his thing.

It took less than a minute, I think. Capt’n Fabulous’ health went from full, to nill, and he died.

I couldn’t help myself.

I simply typed to the entire group, including Capt’n Fabulous, “Was that the signal?”

Brenda, who always tried to be nice and neutral, especially when it came to Capt’n Fabulous….even SHE had to laugh at that one.

I guess you had to be there.     😛


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