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I took the leap with a Rebel XTi

Lately, I’ve been surfing through various blogs and found myself steering more towards those with photography. I don’t know why, but I find it fascinating and fun. I had wanted to get into photography as a hobby, but always put it off for….well, life. Life has a habit of getting in the way of anyone doing anything. By that, I mean we go from day to day, work to work, only to make ends meet. We wish the weekend would come in a hurry, only to see it leave in a flash. Monday rolls around and we are wishing for the weekend again. As we grow older, time seems to go faster. And those plans or things I planned to do tomorrow? Never done. I don’t want to find myself in my 70s or 80s (God willing), wishing I had done this or that.

I want to explore photography.

So I search and search. I found high end and low end cameras, expensive and, relatively, inexpensive cameras. I was becoming frustration. I could not find the camera I wanted and the price I wanted. I was fearful of spending too much on a hobby that might not work out. What if I fail? What if I don’t even begin? What if this is infatuation with photography that will fizzle out in a matter of months? One of the things I hate most, is when I decide on a project, only to end up forgetting about it. I find it months later, collecting dust in some corner of my home. The project nearly screams at me: failure!

When I set my mind to something, I’d like to think that I follow through. I know I’ve done it before. In elementary school, we were having a jog-a-thon. The top prize was a 6 CD changer. OOOOooooOOO. Ok, that then it was cool. ANYWAY, I worked my (ahem)…I worked really hard to obtain pledges. And, when the time came, I jogged even harder. I was determined to get that prize. Sure enough, my determination paid off. I won the 6 CD changer and it was a thing of beauty. Being that music is an important part in my life, it was a great investment.

Will that be different with a hobby? I hope my determination benefits me in photography as well. I’m not planning on becoming a professional, but I would like to have some pictures that elicit ooos and awwws. Is that too much to ask? So, after much searching, researching and discussing with friends, I decided to purchase an older Canon Rebel model. Sure, it isn’t the best out there. But for where I am and what I plan to do, I think it will work for me. And hey, if I decide I am awesome (yeah, right), then perhaps I might consider of newer model.

So, in the future, this blog may…..nay, I say will include some pictures that I will be taking with the Rebel XTi. Wish me luck! I’m gonna need it.


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