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James Bond – Skyfall

So, I’ve only be a partial fan of James Bond. Yeah, I know…*gasp*!

Admittedly, as much as I really like Sean Connery, I *really* like Daniel Craig as James Bond. Unlike any of the other Bonds, I’ve actually been interested and sat through his James Bond movies.

I digress…..

The point of this post? I’m liking the opening songs. Alicia Keys and Jack White singing Another Day To Die. Awesome. Loved the feel, the sound.

So, my curiosity lead me to listen to Skyfall’s opening song. I’m not a fan of Adele, though I appreciate her talent/voice. That being said, I enjoyed the opening song for Skyfall as well. Lyrics aside, I thought the music is good.

Here’s a link: Skyfall cover


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