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I’m over it.

Initially, I was super excited about the upcoming Star Trek movie. I enjoyed the first movie of the rebooted franchise by J.J. Abrams. It was fun, though it had a different feel compared with the original series. I think the changes and the take on the characters brought back some excitment. My absolute favorite of all of them? Bones. I enjoyed Karl Urban’s performance as Doctor McCoy. I had always called him the “angry dude” from other films, because I never learned his name. After seeing Star Trek? I made sure I knew it. He’s still the angry dude, but at least I know his name!

Then, the announcement came that Benedict Cumberbatch, a recent favorite of mine, was to star in the upcoming film alongside all of the actors from the first. That’s wonderful news! I think he’s a brilliant actor, that I first took notice in the BBC’s Sherlock. After which, I found his performance to be great in The Last Enemy (good actors in that one all around).

Then, the rumors started. What would he play? Hero or villain? When it was confirmed he would be the villain, the Internet was abuzz. What villain would he play? Khan? Gary Mitchell (again, thanks to Urban for pushing some fans over the edge)? But no….the secret had to remain. It was too big and too vital to the plot to reveal. *sigh*

So, here it is December 2012. I’ve read that Cumberbatch’s character is John Harrison. You mean the guy that invented the marine chronometer? heh. No, no…just “a” John Harrison. Sure, he might be linked to Khan, the genetically engineered superhuman, and that his focus might be on genetic manipulation. He would do anything to ensure that his experimentation on the human genome moved forward, no matter what the cost. *insert feigned gasp*

Then again, perhaps he’s just some random guy named John Harrison. Now, Cumberbatch has come forward to explain more (no doubt with the approval of those above him). 

At this point, do I care? No. Am I curious about what role he truly is playing and whether or not this whole thing was a lie? Nope. Will I be seeing Star Trek: Into The Darkness in the theater when it comes out? Again, no.

Why, might you ask, will I not see it in the theater? Because I feel played. This whole thing is a publicity stunt to keep our interest, but sadly, has lost mine. I know in the end I will be disappointed with the character, though I’m sure the movie and acting will be good.

Can I wait to borrow the DVD from the library for free? Absolutely! 🙂

Now, the real question is: Can I wait for Series 3 of Sherlock?


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