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DP: My Favorite

“What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it.”

I will take you back, fourteen looong years ago. Kidding…kidding. But I will take you back in time, to when I was dating. Wow, that was a long time ago, in a galaxy…

Anyway, it started with my job at a computer software retail store. Often times, a product wouldn’t have a price or “sku” number to look up in the register. I would have to walk all the way back to the office (all 20 feet, maybe), log into our computer and search for the product until I found the number. Anyone that knows me, will hear me attest to my laziness. It was because of said laziness that led me to call a “sister” store in another city. I just happened to speak with two different guys from that store, both of whom seemed more than willing to help me out (my husband tells me later that it was highly usual to find any females in a computer store, let alone one working there).

After a month or so of calls to have the other store look up information for me, I finally decided to ask about one of the two that I spoke with. Of course, I had asked the second guy, “what is the other guy like?” To which he responded, “Oh, you wouldn’t like him….he has a history of….” and proceeded to, indirectly, sell himself.  Needless to say, I ended up dating the second guy. At first, I was a little wary. I mean, the second time we were going to go out and he wanted to spend the whole day with me. Yiks! We spent most of our time going to movies or bookstores. It took him roughly eight or so months before I was truly hooked (or at least willing to admit that I was).

Then came my family vacation. That would be the vacation where I go…without the guy that I’ve been dating for almost a year. And it was to be two weeks? Maybe a month long? I tried to enjoy the vacation and, there were parts that I did like. But, I still missed him. The only way I could survive the depths of my despair (I’m sure I would have put it that way back then)….music. Whenever I grew homesick or, in this case, longed to be back with my favorite person, I would listen to movie soundtracks or classical music. Beethoven worked great (Symphony No. 7, Allegreto, movement 2). Other times, Danny Elfman’s Nightmare Before Christmas or Batman would do the trick. Yes, even John William’s Jurassic Park soundtrack relieved anxiety I felt. Music is my medicine.

(Paused for a moment to listen to Symphony 7)

Car, train or plane, I had my….ugh, I hate to admit it, but at one time it was my cassette walkman. Any whiners who are unaware of the existence of a walkman….Google it. 😛  My tapes were copies from a guy in High School. He had introduced me to movie soundtracks. I’ve never been the same since (ok, that sounds a bit dramatic) I remember my slightly transparent gray tapes with a label slapped on it near the top that said in black marker the soundtrack title (no room for track names there!). I used to hate when the tape would jam up and I’d have to straight it out, then painstakingly turn the wheel to return the tape to its place before I could listen again. Once, a tape player did that to my favorite tape, so I threw it out the door. heh…maybe I shouldn’t admit that here. Oh well.  Again, I digress…..I eventually upgraded to a portable CD player, which I had on this vacation. The music not only soothed my mind, it also gave me an out of body experience. Okay, that might sound a bit creepy. What I mean is the music would assist my mind in daydreaming. I think that is how I aided myself in writing. I know it is now. So each time I have to leave my favorite person, my husband, for meetings or conferences, I take my music.

I never leave home without it.


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