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Actors Imitating Singers


I recall reading an article and, later, hearing Joaquin Phoenix discuss his role as Johnny Cash in Walk The Line…..a great movie, by the way, if you like biographies, especially ones with lots of great music. I remember a compliment being paid to not only his actor, but his singing as well. It was noted that he seemed to be channeling Johnny Cash as his voice sounded so close to the artist himself. If I remember correctly, Phoenix got upset and told replied that people shouldn’t buy the movie soundtrack. They should buy Johnny Cash albums.

I get it. Phoenix was giving credit where credit was due. If Cash hadn’t done and accomplished what he had, there would have been no movie. But don’t we all understand this? What is wrong if I want to listen to the movie soundtrack? In point of fact, I was never a Cash fan, not until I saw Walk The Line and heard Phoenix sing. The scene (and song) in the jail peaked my interested. So I explored the movie soundtrack. I liked what I heard. So…what did I do next? I stopped there and listened to the movie soundtrack over and over. Really Phoenix? Is that what you think us commoners do? No. I explored Cash’s actual albums. Thanks to the movie, it opened my ears to new great music. Music that had been around before I was born, so that I hadn’t been exposed to it before. So, despite not wanting to take any credit, you have a talent at not only acting, but singing. Get over it. Oh and, thank you.

Others I’ve enjoyed include:

Kevin Spacey – Beyond The Sea.  I love Spacey. He’s on my good list (for anyone who really knows me). Plus, I like Darren. Spacey sings in the movie and….I bought the soundtrack and loved it. (collective gasp of the Internet audience). Does that mean that I don’t have any Bobby Darren music? No. In fact, I knew of him before the movie. By the way, I LOVED that they ended Finding Nemo with Beyond the Sea.

Jamie Foxx – Ray. Jamie Foxx is not high on my list of actors, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t extremely talented. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. I knew of Ray Charles and enjoyed his music before the movie. Does that mean that I only listen to Foxx and not Charles? Again, no. I enjoyed the movie and the exposure it gave to an artist that newer generations may not be familiar with.

I will continue to buy movie soundtracks if I enjoyed the music. Any celebrity that tells me otherwise can go…..make a dull movie and I promise I won’t watch or buy the film score. Thank you.


Not doubt there are a ton of actor’s imitating singers movies. Movies that I know but I haven’t seen yet:

Kurt Russell – Elvis

Gary Busey – Buddy Holly

Lou Diamond Phillips – La Bamba      Richie Valens

Sissy Spacek – Coal Miner’s Daughter      Loretta Lynn

Jessica Lange – Sweet Dreams     Patsie Cline

Dennis Quaid – Great Balls of Fire     Jerry Lee Lewis

Jennifer Lopez – Selena

Angela Bassett – What’s Love Got To Do With It?     Tina Turner

Val Kilmber – The Doors     Jim Morrison

I know I’ve missed more, but which ones?


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