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My Brain Won’t Stop! – DP: Ready, Set Go

Set a timer for ten minutes. Open a new post. Start the timer, and start writing. When the timer goes off, publish. 

center_bgInitially, I wasn’t sure if any ideas would come to mind. So, this post seems to have started with mindless rambling. But as my mind starts to wander, I start to think of puzzles that have yet to be solved. Things that have been bothering me over several weeks or months.

I know previously I said I was over it, but Star Trek Into Darkness came to mind. I’m really annoyed with the speculation, the lame hints and clues given by Abrams, Cumberbatch and anyone else that has tried to feed the fans just enough to keep their interest. I understand, it is all marketing. Regardless of my annoyance and my wanting to be over it, I had a sudden thought the other day.

Is there anything you would not do for your family?

In the first reboot movie, Nero destroys the planet, Vulcan. Nearly endangered, there are only a handful of Vulcans left. Then it came to me. Spock is so different than the one in the original series. He’s in a relationship with Uhura and shows more emotion. What if he were to discover a way to recreate his home world, to rebuild his race? I’m not saying this is the plot of the movie. I know it isn’t. I just thought it would be interesting to explore.

Since he is half human, we can explore at least that side of him. He’s lost his mother, his entire home world. Wouldn’t he suffer some sort of depression from all of this? We don’t really witness the after effects of these events. What if Spock spiraled into a dark depression, willing to do and sacrifice anything to gain back all that he had lost. Obviously, he can’t create a time machine. 😉  So, instead, he finds a source, perhaps a group of scientists, that have discovered a way to recreate entire worlds. Sound familiar? Why yes, yes it is. The Genesis project, involving Carol Marcus, created…albeit an unstable planet. Would it be possible to not only recreate Vulcan, but to seed the DNA of the remaining Vulcans in order to rebuild the race?

Just a thought. And….my ten minutes are up!


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