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Mouth Watering Seconds! (DP)

acremebruleeThe most satisfying meal I had ever tasted happened in the unlikely of places. Actually, it was at a restaurant, but not one a would ever have gone to on my own. The only reason I was there was to listen to a lecture on lung cancer and the particular drug being used to target it. While the speaker droned on the only statistics that showed benefit for that particular company, I placed my order in a whispered.

Finally, the first course had arrived. It was a spring salad with thinly sliced red bell peppers, candied pecans and a side of blackberry vinegrette. Delicious! I believe most men might describe it as a plate of weeds, and I would have to agree. Some of the lettuce did give the appearance of lawn clippings. Still, to have a salad actually taste good enough to clean up the plate? I can live with eating “weeds”.

Second course came quickly after. For those vegans and vegetarians, I apologize for I am not one. I do enjoy chicken, fish or beef from time to time. At this particular meal, it was filet mignon in a blackberry reduction sauce with a side of asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. Now, this [art of the meal, I ate very light. The reason was I wanted to take most of it home for my husband to have. Carefully, I cut a sliver of meat for myself and a few small bites of potato. Admittedly, I did eat all of the asparagus, which I love. After those little bites, I had the rest wrapped up for my husband later.

On to the main course….dessert I mean! Though all of the food was delicious so far, my absolute favorite dessert was crème brûlée. The hard shell of fine sugar, melted into a protective layer of goodness sat atop a creamy concoction of vanilla custard and hidden raspberries. The combination of sweet and tart was amazing! Oh yes, the speaker continued on and I was listening, but with every bite, all of my other senses seemed to take paused, giving my sense of taste full priority.



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