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EveryDish1Sandra Lee would be proud. Not sure who Sandra Lee is? Check out her site: Sandra Lee. She’s had a television show on the Food Network. The basis of the show is to help those, like me, who are busy with life and kids, to take a meal and dumb it down, make it easier and a little less work. It may not be the equivalent of a four star restaurant recipe, but considering that my kids rarely eat anything other than PB&J sandwiches, it’s good for me.

Sandra Lee has the talent of taking a boxed cake mix and adding a few additional ingredients to give it more of a homemade taste. This is similar to the Cake Mix Doctor, which I highly recommend for any cake lovers out there.  Honestly, since reading that book, I’ve not followed the box recipe since. When my father-in-law tells me it is the most delicious, moist cake he’s ever tasted, even after a week, I take that has a successful recipe. FYI, bookcover-chocolatethe Cake Mix Doctor has gluten free recipe books. I haven’t taken a look yet, but if the previous books are any indication, these should be good.

But I digress…

In the spirit of semi-homemade…

IMG_20131219_142230_624I purchased the Betty Crocker Peanut Butter Cookie mix. The first time around, I followed the recipe. But after a while, I decided to experiment. After all, I wasn’t going to eat the cookies (I don’t care for them). No, my husband would be my guinea pig. Here’s what I did:

Rather than adding three tablespoons of vegetable oil, I replace it with one spoon of peanut oil and two scoops of peanut butter.

That’s it.

The compliments following tweaking this recipe have encouraged me to do the same with the Oatmeal recipe. In this case, I added brown sugar (if there wasn’t any in the mix) and mixed in chocolate chip. Not a drastic change, but these are ideas that some don’t even consider. We are often so stuck on following the recipe to the letter that we won’t consider any alterations whatsoever. Experimenting in cooking and baking can be fun, on occasion disastrous, but fun! So next time you find yourself in the kitchen cooking, have yourself a mini adventure. Start small, and work from there. Some of the best cooks I know don’t measure.



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