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La Mirada Regional Park

I’ve had the pleasure of going to the La Mirada Regional Park on many occasions. There are so many things to do there and the La Mirada residents take advantage of these opportunities, as they should.

IMG_20140107_163028_689Playground – There are a few places to play at La Mirada Regional Park. On the East side of the park, the side of Adelfa Drive, there is a larger playground set complete with infant/toddler swings, bridges, mini rock climbing, monkey bars, at least five slides and a little play house. All of this sits between the duck pond and the tennis courts. Another plus, most of the play structure is covered.


Tennis courts – a must have for any park, La Mirada Regional Park holds at least three next to the playground and another one or two up the hill. The ones up the hill are lighted for those who’d prefer to play at night.


Baseball field – on the other side of the tennis courts, near Foster Road, is the baseball field, which is kept in great condition from the dirt to the grass. It is the perfect place to have an impromptu baseball game or just practice with the kids.



Frisbee golf (aka disc golf) – just as it sounds, this sport involves the use of a frisbee. With similar terms, each player will “tee off” from within a designated area towards the basket (each numbered). After the disc is released, it cannot be played again until it has come to rest (i.e. hit the ground and not moving). The person is the “play it where it lies”, taking up a position in the spot where it landed and attempting to throw it again into the basket. It’s easier said than done! Thankfully, the players at La Mirada park are aware of disc golf etiquette and will hold on their throw until other park goers clear the area.



The duck pond – Redone man years ago, this pond has been one of the main features (and one of my favorite spots) of the park. Surrounded by trees, including evergreens, benches are spread throughout for visitors to enjoy the view and the company. Yes, there are a lot of birds: ducks, geese, and so many more. For bird lovers, this is a great spot. Just be sure not to bring a plastic bag (or possibly any bag) with you. I had a grocery bag with a glove, baseballs and Caprisuns for my kids. I was swarmed (not kidding) but just about every bird there. Some approached me from the West, others from the East, and even more still crossed the pond.

As soon as I tucked my bag into my hoodie pocket, they lost interest.

Well, a majority of them did. There was one goose that was eyeing me suspiciously.IMG_20140107_162731_778DP


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