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Love Me Some Fargo

I have to admit I’ve never seen the movie Fargo. The only reason I decided to record the television series of the same name was because of Martin Freeman. After enjoying his work on the BBC’s Sherlock, as well as The Hobbit, I already know his a good actor. But my curiosity grew on learning that he traded his English accent for a North Dakota accent (aka “Fargo” accent). I wasn’t disappointed. He does an excellent job. For those who aren’t familiar with Fargo, I would describe it as a dark…really dark comedy.


Billy Bob Thornton plays Malvo, a hit man who “finishes a job” that he was never hired to do. Events snowball from bad to worse, though not necessarily for him. Murders follow in his wake. The newly appointed police chief believes the murders are the work of a drifter. Those who’ve been in contact with him might find his demeanor odd, yet his words like that of a guru. His unusual appearance (compared to others in Fargo) includes a haircut similar to the old style bowl cut, a tan shirt that makes him look like he’s wearing no shirt at all under his black coat, and skinny pants. Despite all of this, the character is often quite funny, in a weird sort of way.

In one scene, Malvo overhears a mother yelling at her son, stating that he has less intelligence than what God gave a clam. Malvo confronts the boy in the parking lot shoveling snow. He tells the boy that one person who had disrespected him, he retaliated by peeing in the person’s gas tank. That’s it. Then he heads to his motel room. Peering out the window, Malvo watches as the boy heads to a red car, opens the gas tank and gets into position. Malvo smiles, dials the front desk and informs the mother that he is witnessing someone peeing in the tank of a red car. The next thing we see is the mother, in a rage, storming outside to give her son a “talking to”.FARGO - Pictured: Martin Freeman as Lester Nygaard . CR: Chris Large/FX

Random thoughts of my own after watching the first two episodes: I would like to know how Malvo ends up disappearing in Lester’s basement, but I imagine that will be explained later. Eventually Lester ( Freeman) will get caught, but I’m hoping it’s later.   🙂

For more information on the show, and more specifically a recap of the first and second episodes, check out this summary on The Guardian.

Fargo, episode one: The Crocodile Dilemma recap


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