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National Beverage Day!


Happy Beverage Day! (yeah…it’s a thing)

Beverage Day is a time to sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite beverage, or (ahem) mixed it up a bit and try something new.

What are your favorite beverages?

Drinks that have made an impression on me…

Maui drink: Sprite with a splash of pineapple juice and blended strawberry.

Mixed drink: Pineapple and coconut

Coffee drink: Caramel macchiato

Tea drink: English breakfast

Las Vegas drink: Borg sphere (yeah…I’m not having THAT again)



We’ve all heard the advice: drink eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day (approximately 1.9 liters)

How do you drink in your daily water?

In honor of Beverage Day (seriously, look it up), I’d like to list my top ways of drinking water daily:

  1. CUP SIZE: Pick a larger cup rather. A venti (20+ ounce) or a “big gulp” sized cup is a good option to have nearby.
  2. KEEP IT CLOSE: I keep my on my desk as I work. I find myself reaching for it without even thinking of the action. Very quickly, my cup is empty and I’m up to refill it again.
  3. LEMON? I cannot stand the taste of lemon in water, but I know this does help those who cannot stand the taste of tap or filtered water. I’ve read that it helps with weight loss, but who really knows. As long as it helps increase the amount of water consumed during the day, it’s all good.
  4. FILTERED: Some swear tap water tastes horrible (too much chlorine or chemical taste). If this is the case, try filtered water. I say filtered rather than bottled water because of this: consider the amount of water you are attempting to drink in a given day. How many bottles will you go through? Yes, they are recyclable, but its still CRV money out of your pocket. The purchase of one cup and a filtration system and you’re good to go.
  5. FLAVORS!! Mio, Crystal Light, Fizzies, Kool-Aid: The only flavor of Crystal Light that I care for is the lemonade. Kool-Aid’s fruit punch is okay. They have other flavors that I haven’t tried such as grape and orange. Fizzies provides a “soda-like” alternative, with flavors like root beer. Mio has fruit punch, sweet tea, berry pomegranate and lots more. I like the fruit punch. The sweet tea is okay. I’ve used fruit punch and berry pomegranate with Arrowhead’s sparkling water. For fans of soda, it isn’t an exact alternative, but it gives a sweet fruity flavor with a nice fizz.
  6. TEMP: Iced vs hot? I’ve read articles that claimed drinking hot water with unsweetened tea or with lemon promotes weight loss. That drinking iced water pushes your metabolism to increase in order to warm up the water, which in turn promotes weight loss. Iced or hot, its really your preference. Mine? Typically iced.
  7. UNSWEETENED: I love coffee and I love tea. I could be happy with either. Obviously, unsweetened tea saves on calories and provides another option for consuming water. Keep in mind though, for caffeinated beverages, be sure to take in an equal amount of decaffeinated liquid as you do caffeinated in order to prevent dehydration.


So lift up your glass in a toast to Beverage day.

Grab your preference: bottle, can or glass.

Just take a moment to relax and enjoy.


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