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Don’t Cross Mama – Happy Mother’s Day!

That’s One Tough Mother:

Undying Love of 8 Moms on Film

There’s nothing that compares to the fierce protectiveness of a mother. It’s seen throughout nature. Despite what kids may put their mothers through (lack of sleep, hurtful words, etc), most moms rebound from such assaults, there to comfort or to protect as the need arises. For those moms who would do just about anything for their children, this list is for you. Happy Mother’s Day.

1) The Terminator: When Sarah Connors discovers that her son is the key to a future revolution against the machines, she uses every ounce of her strength and knowledge to protect and prepare him.terminator

 “There are those who believe that a child in the womb shares his mother’s dreams; her love for him, her hopes for his future. Is it told to him in pictures while he sleeps inside her? Is that why he reaches for her in that first moment and cries for her touch?”





incredibles2) The Incredibles: Mrs. Incredible, aka Helen Parr, pushes her abilities to the limit when her children’s lives are in danger.

“We are NOT gonna die! Now, both of you will get a grip, or so help me, I’ll ground you for a month! Understand?”




3) Mildred Pierce: Mildred leaves her cheating husband, determined to prove she can make it on her own. Mildred’s new found success provides an ideal home for her her daughter, Veda.  But as time moves on, Veda becomes more ungrateful and more demanding. She openly condemns her mother for having to work for a living.

Conflict between Mildred and Veda lead to emotionally charged scenes.

 “I think I’m really seeing you for the first time in my life and you’re cheap and horrible.”



aliens4) Aliens: Ellen Ripley battles aliens once again, but this time she’s found a survivor: Newt. Her newly adopted daughter is taken by the aliens and Ripley will do anything to get her back. Two best scenes: Ripley holding Newt while fending off aliens and Ripley in the power loader ready to duke it out with the queen alien.

“Get away from her”








psycho 5) Psycho: Mrs. Norma Bates is an enigma. Her influence over Norman is seen through his eyes and actions. Crossing Mrs. Bates means gambling with your life.

“Haha… I am sorry, boy, but you do manage to look ludicrous when you give me orders.”





6) The Bad Seed: Christine Penmark does whatever it takes to protect her child and cover up any involvement in the deaths of a classmate, a friend from their previous residence and the caretaker.Christine Penmark


“Did she kill him? But she’s my little girl. And I love her. Oh my baby, my baby! “





7) Brave: Queen Elinor has her kingdom’s interest at heart and wishes for a successful union for her daughter, despite the vocal protests of Merida. As the curse works to transform her into a bear (both physically and mentally), the Queen fights to keep her quickly fading humanity in order to keep her daughter safe. When push comes to shove, Queen Elinor is not to be crossed, not even by her husband or those from other kingdoms.

” I AM THE *QUEEN*! YOU listen to ME! “Merida







8) Cinderella: Stepmother, Lady Tremaine, won’t let a simple girl stand in the way. Her goal is simple: to gain social status through the marriage of one of her daughters to the prince. For Cinderella, it means extra hard labor, a torn ballgown and lots of tears locked away in her room.


“Time for vicious practical jokes. Perhaps we can put it to better use. Now let me see… There’s the large carpet in the main hall; clean it! And the windows, upstairs and down; wash them! Oh yes, and the tapestries and the draperies—- Do them again! And don’t forget the garden. Then scrub the terrace, sweep the halls and the stairs, clean the chimneys. And of course there’s the mending and the sewing and the laundry… Oh yes, and one more thing. See that Lucifer gets his bath.”


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