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GSRG blog hop copyGrilling A Tri Tip Roast

I figure a half pound of meat per person when grilling. It sounds like a lot, but it gives a good estimate. Some of my guests are big meat eaters, whereas others eat only a tiny portion. It evens out in the end.

I have purchased both the trimmed and untrimmed Tri Tip roast. The difference being that most of the fat has been removed from the trimmed roast. Though this is fine, I usually prefer the untrimmed so I can choose the amount of fat to remove and the amount to leave on. If the meat looks marbled, that’s usually a good sign of the best flavor. For some, the idea of fat in their meat may seem gross, but fat is what really helps flavor the meat, as well as making it juicy and tender. Untrimmed tends to be cheaper.

Once you have the roast bought and are finally home, follow these simple steps for an awesome barbecue that your meat loving guests will rave about.

  1. If there is excess fat, trim it off. You’ll want to leave some fat on the meat as it will be beneficial during the cooking process.
  2. I’ve personally used several rubs, but the one that has had the most impact thus far has been Famous Dave’s Rib Rub and Steak Burger Seasoning. Rub the seasoning on both sides of the meat, but try to not to go overboard. Too much seasoning and the natural flavor of the meat will be hidden. Famous Dave’s Rib Rub / Famous Dave’s Steak Burger Seasoningribrubsteakseason
  3. Once the roast has been prepped with seasoning, let it sit for an hour to come close to room temperature. Grill masters claim cold meat tends to burn quickly on the outside when placed on a hot grill. This means the center of the meat will be raw or unevenly cooked. So let it sit, relax and enjoy the recent massage of rub.
  4. Heat up the grill! There are several grill options out there. What I use is a gas grill. I have four burners that I light up to heat the entire grill. I cover it and let the flames work for a while. Then I select one half of the grill and reduce the burners to a low flame.
  5. Place the Tri Tip roast on the cooler side of the grill. In my instance, the side with the low flame. This will allow for more even cooking, simmering and when the juices run off there won’t be a major flare up that could burn the meat. NOTE: I have seared both sides of the roast in the past with the hot portion of the grill before placing it on the cooler side. Supposedly, this will help seal in the juices more and the juices.
  6. Cover the grill and the meat. Do NOT take a peek! The meat needs to stay wrapped in heat and smoke for a great flavor. Every time the lid of the grill is opened, it reduces the heat within. Recommended cook times depend on the side and thickness of the cut. The Betty Crocker website has a nice timetable for various cuts of meat.
  7. How to know when it’s done? Some cooks do the puncture test, poking a hole and gauging the color of the juices. If they are clear, it usually means the meat is ready. Meat thermometer is another good option.
  8. So now it’s done, let’s eat. WAIT! Do not immediately cut into the Tri Tip. All good things to those who wait. Take the roast, place it on a serving plate and cover with aluminium  foil, roughly ten minutes.
  9. Ten minutes have gone by… Taking a sharp knife, cut into the roast, slicing against the grain.

That’s it! Do you BBQ? What are your favorite recipes? What sides do you prefer? Share with us here.

FYI – Famous Dave’s is holding a contest. Take a BBQ selfie and tweet about it. Be sure to add #bbqselfie.

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