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The Wonders of Bag Balm


I’ve been using a product for years, specifically at least eight years, but until now have only verbally told others about how much I love it. I just thought today I’d take a little time to let you know the wonders of Bag Balm. For those who are unfamiliar with this product, it is a caramel colored salve that’s original intended purpose was in farm use: horses and cows with chaffed areas from daily activities. It wasn’t until my son was born and I was struggling to manage his diaper rash. At times, it would become so severe that I’d give him an oatmeal wash/soak to soothe the sores. Now, before anyone becomes judgmental about my abilities as a mother, I’ll tell you right now that I always changed his diaper immediately after I receive auditory clues (ahem…I won’t go into detail). My infant son had extremely loose bowel movements, unlike his younger sister, who was the complete opposite as an infant.

After “venting” about the problem with my sister-in-law, she told me about a product that she used instead of the typical diaper ointment (all of which I had tried…A+D, Desitin, etc). She said she had a lot of success with Bag Balm. Advice coming from a mother of three kids, I will not ignore. So I found a can of Bag Balm at the local pharmacy and gave it a try. I couldn’t believe it. The sores that my little boy had were nearly gone by the next day. Seriously?? I continued to use the product with continued success. I even went so far as to buy the four pound (yes, I said 4 pounds) container of Bag Balm for an online Vet store. Trust me. In the next few years, I went through it.



Well…I did have some help.

There was one early morning…around 2am, that I woke to the sound of running water in my other bathroom. I stumbled out of my room and opened the door to find my little boy covered in Bag Balm over his forehead, his neck, his arms, hands and legs. The faucet was running and there was Bag Balm (what we call “goop”) everywhere…the sink, faucet handles, door handle, tub, etc.


At 2am??

At the time, I was annoyed and asked him, “Why? Why did you do this and make this mess?”

He responded as if I were a moron for not knowing, “I wanted to look like an alien. Wooooo.” (imagine the “woo” as a spooky sound to illicit fear and awe at the same time while wiggling his goopy fingers at me)


I cleaned him up and sent him to bed. Then I spent the next hour cleaning up the bathroom. Just so you know, this “goop” is very thick and not so easy to remove. It’s almost waterproof. So it took me a while. And at 3am, I was not amused.



But looking back on that moment, I can’t help but laugh. I wish I was awake enough at the time to take a picture. My son, the alien. Who knew of *that* particular use for Bag Balm?

This last year, during the winter months, my skin was terribly dry and cracked. I gave this stuff a try and it made my skin so smooth. I’ve offered cans to friends with eczema. They’ve all reported back on how well it has worked for them.

The point of the post is this: if you have minor skin problems, or if the diaper cream isn’t working for your infant, give Bag Balm a try. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Besides, you can always find (ahem) another use for it  😉

Note: I do not sell this product, nor do I receive any sort of compensation for posting a positive review.


One comment on “The Wonders of Bag Balm

  1. kristin
    April 1, 2015

    I’ll pass this info along to my daughters who have children with eczema.


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