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Thank you to author Elise Abram for the guest post!

Do you have a favorite superhero?

Superman is my favourite superhero, because of the legend that has built up around him. I’m not a comic book reader. Everything I know about superheroes comes from the movies and television. My interest in Superman goes back to watching the old black and white series reruns starring George Reeves on Saturday mornings or after school when I was a kid. Ditto all of the Superman cartoons, including Superboy. My all-time favourite portrayal is Henry Cavill over any previous movie Superman. As for TV it’s a toss-up between Smallville‘s Tom Weller and Lois and Clark‘s Dean Cain. I think, beyond the extensive lore behind him, the appeal is in Superman’s humanity. In The Revenant, Kat says, “Without Clark Kent, Superman is some super-powerful alien bent on world domination. Without his alter ego, he’s just a monster, a vigilante hell-bent on revenge.” I think the idea that an alien has more humanity than some of the humans he goes up against is an interesting premise.

What superhero powers would you want to possess?

If I could possess a superpower I think it would be either the ability to move incredibly fast or to stop time around me. Either way, I’d get an awful lot more done in the course of a day.  Mind control might be nice if I could use it to force my students to focus better in class and my own children to clean up after themselves.

What do you think of superheroes/vigilantes who use their abilities to take justice into their own hands?

I can’t think of a single superhero who isn’t a vigilante of sorts. My next favourite superheroes are Batman and Arrow. I think it’s their origin stories that make them fascinating. It’s also what drives them to fight a corrupt city government for the greater good.

 In the case of Zulu, the revenant in my novel, he really has no other choice but to be a vigilante. He’s teamed up with the Seer and they are compelled to help the people the Seer sees in his dreams. Earlier I talked about humanity. What Zulu does is the only humane thing he can do, catching bad guys in order to save the innocent. In the end, calling superheroes that use their abilities and take justice into their own hands ‘vigilantes’ is a misnomer. In a way they’ve been handed a lemon in life and they’re only trying to make lemonade the best way they know how.

An Excerpt from The Revenant 

“You have an old soul. I know these things.” She nodded in the direction of the boys down the street, still making their getaway. “That’s why they do stuff like that to me. It frightens them.”

She reached out a hand as if to touch Zulu’s hair and he pulled back. “Relax, dummy, I’m not going to touch you.” She reached out again and ran her fingers over his silhouette, an inch or two above his head and shoulders. “Your aura is something I’ve never seen before. Dark red with flecks of lavender and silver; it’s beautiful.”

Zulu took a moment to contemplate.

“Dark red means anger, deep-seated anger. Lavender deals with the imagination, being a visionary. Silver means spiritual and physical abundance.”

Deep-seated anger…vision…spirituality. All things that were commonplace in Zulu’s life.

“You’re like me, aren’t you?” the girl said, almost a whisper.

“You’re not…normal.”

“As long as you’re fine,” Zulu replied, and walked westward double-time.

The girl caught up to him. “You are like me, aren’t you?” she said, winded.

“I’ve gotta go,” Zulu said without missing a step.

“Why did you flinch when I said you had an old soul?”

Zulu ignored the question and continued walking.

“You do, you know. Have an old soul. I can sense it.”

Zulu stopped dead in his tracks so quickly the girl nearly bumped into him. They were almost nose to nose when he turned to her.

“I…don’t…have…a soul,” he told her, and continued walking.



Elise Abram 


YA Paranormal

(click cover for purchase link)

He wears neither cape nor cowl, but Zulu is a superhero, nevertheless.

Raised  from the dead as a revenant more than a hundred years ago, Zulu possesses Spiderman’s stealth, Superman’s speed, and Batman’s keen intellect. His only companion is Morgan the Seer, an old man cursed with  longevity and the ability to see the future in his dreams. Zulu has spent the last century training with Morgan in order to save the people in his nightmares from certain and violent death. Branded a vigilante by  the Media, Zulu must live his life in the shadows, travelling by night or in the city’s underground unless his quest demands otherwise.

Kat  is an empath, someone who sees emotions as colourful auras. Relentlessly bullied by her peers, and believing her life amounts to nothing but a huge cosmic mistake, she finds purpose in her abilities when she is recruited to help Zulu and Morgan complete their missions. Malchus  is Morgan’s long dead twin brother. A powerful necromancer, Malchus manages to find a way to return to the living, and he has a score to settle with Morgan. Believing Morgan responsible for his death and out to seek revenge, Malchus begins to raise an army of undead minions and use them to hunt Morgan down. As Malchus closes in on Morgan and his charges, the trio soon realizes the people most in need of saving are themselves.

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Elise Abram

Teacher of English and Computer Studies by day, wife and mother by night

and author whenever she can steal some time, Elise Abram is the proud

author of Phase Shift, The Mummy Wore Combat Boots, and Throwaway Child,

available on Amazon and KoboBooks. She pens a blog about literature,

popular culture and the human condition whenever the muse moves her.

Elise’s fourth book, a young adult paranormal thriller entitled The Revenant was released in July 2014.

Website | Twitter | Facebook Book Page | Facebook Author Page | Goodreads Author Page | Amazon Author Page

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    Thanks for hosting Elizabeth!
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  2. elise abram
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    Thank you so much for hosting my blog tour stop today. Best wishes, Elise


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