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Internet, Please Don’t Be Dumb

Prior to the anticipated onslaught of conjecture, it is my hope that the Internet doesn’t prove its stupidity once again. No doubt, though, it will…and death threats to Miss Hunter will ensue. (insert face palm here)

For those of you that perhaps live under a rock (lol, sorry), I am referring to the recent announcement of the engagement of Benedict Cumberbatch to Sophie Hunter.

Often when such a thing is announced, rather than reading over the article itself, I tend to peruse the comments. Reactions ranged from “NO!!!” to “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!”, some with tears of sadness, others tears of anger. I’m sure most were joking…right?

Are you saddened by the news? Is Benedict’s inevitable betrothal too much to bare?

So what should our reaction be to this? Can’t we, even the most devoted of fans, be happy for the guy?

I can’t even imagine how lonely it must be as a celebrity. I know that must sound funny. Celebrities are constantly surrounded by staff and by adoring fans… fans who stalk them at nearly every turn in the hopes of a picture or a face-t0-face meeting. I’ve gotta say, from my perspective: we all need a deeper, more personal connection. While I’m sure it’s nice to have fans scream that they love you, after a while, doesn’t it feel hollow and without real meaning? Sure, their love is strong and may last for some time, but it is fickle. As soon as he disappoints, even the most minor of infractions, most will leave his side. So for those that might be mourning the announcement, take heart in that fact that hopefully, he’s actually found love that is deeper than what family, friends or even devoted fans can bring. Hopefully, he’s found someone that will remain by his side, through the worst that life will throw at them. Because marriage isn’t a picnic and I’m sure it’s even more challenging in the limelight. Take this time to celebrate in his good news and pray that it is long lasting.


To steer the subject away from Benedict Cumberbatch, have you read Peter Cushing: An Autobiography and Past Forgetting? Check it out here on Amazon. Peter Cushing has always been a favorite of mine, from The Mummy to Star Wars. What an enjoyable read this book was… to hear in his own words his love story. If you are interested in his career, look elsewhere. But if you’d like to read about his life experiences, especially those with his wife (some heartwarming, others heartbreaking), I encourage you to read this book. Now he is an actor I would have loved to meet.


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