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Cleansed by Rain

RainAs winter quickly approaches, as “winter” as it can be for the area I live in, I find myself conflicted. Life has thrown a lot of challenges my way. At times, I wondered how much more I could take before breaking completely under the pressure. And now that Christmas is coming, I fear that additional stress will push me over the edge. Lately, I’ve struggled with  my kids. I want them to have a compassionate heart as I have.  No matter how many times I remind them to think or others, or how many opportunities I present to them with to serve others, it seems to all come back to the “me” and “my” mindset.

I’ve met people in this world with that attitude. “What’s in it for me?” And they seem genuinely shocked (suspicious even) that I would do something for them without expecting anything any return. Really? How sad. I’ve had to separate myself from them because, frankly, they bring me down. They inevitably break my heart. How can anyone be so callous to someone in need? Why is there such a lack of caring? These thoughts have brought me to a rather depressing state. I hate that.

Today, the weather seemed to mirrored my mood. Gloomy, windy and cold. Yet, despite my desire to remain indoors and sulk, I pulled on a comfy hoodie, sweats and a pair of running shoes and headed outdoors. As I walked around the park, my thoughts reflected on my worries and my hopes. I rounded the path once and the skies opened up. The rain poured down, soaking my hair and clothes. I was alone, walking in what some might call “miserable” weather, but for me it felt like a cleansing. I loved it. As the rain continued on, my worries seemed to wash away. Fond memories came to mind of sneaking out in the middle of the night to run and play with my dogs in the rain. I couldn’t help but smile at the thought and in that moment my spirits were lifted.

I hope the rain continues through this season. I need more of these walks to get me through to 2015!

Do you love the rain? Or do you prefer to stay indoors, with a cup of hot cocoa and a book, next to a fire? Ok, that does sound good…


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