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The Frugal Family: Tide Pools


For moms, like me, who are often looking for inexpensive outings…

At night, when the kids are in bed, I search the Internet for unique and family weekend fun.I truly hate arguing that no, we don’t need a $14 Disney balloon or a $10 bubble gun. Seriously? They’ll forget about it in a day, maybe less. What a waste!

No, I want something that lasts longer. I want memories.

So I’ve made it my mission to find new experiences for my family to share together. With the constant rush of life, it’s nice to get away and spend time together.

A few Saturdays ago, that outing involved tide pools.

A few things I new ahead of time:
-my son loves science
-my daughter loves octopus and bug like creatures


snacks1) Food: pack a lunch or snacks and a cooler of water, juice, etc. They will be hungry after all of that walking and activity.

2) Protection: wear tennis shoes with good traction (boots or water shoes), sunscreen,nikes hat and sunglasses. It is bright and some of the rocks/plant life make the area slippery. So take precautions.

3) Research: Before heading down to the beach, look in your area for the highest rated tide pool areas. We picked Shaw’s Cove in Southern California. The steps were easy to take for beach access.

4)educate Educate: Read up on the area, the types of creatures you might see, what they look like, etc. It’ll make it helpful for when you’re trying to find that sea hare for an anxious 5 year old. At Shaw’s Cove, the TideWater Docent program has volunteers out and about during low tide on the weekends to further help find, identify and educate on the various critters as well as the fragility of the tide pool world as a whole. Some of them have laminated brochures with pictures to help kids to explore on their own.

Note: Shaw’s Cove is one of several areas protected by law, meaning nothing is to be bothered or removed from the area.

5) Low Tide: On the day we went, low tide was -0.55 feet. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. We had roughly three hours to explore before the tide returned. In the negative, it left lots of mini and large pools to explore. I used Online Tides and Currents Predictions website, but there are really several tide websites that anyone can use for free.

All in all, the day was fun, it offered good exercise, a cool sea breeze and a beautiful view. Best part? It was free! Well, we did have to use gas to drive to the beach, but everything else was done at no cost!

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