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After missing BBC’s Sherlock for nearly a year, along with a few other choice shows, it was bound to happen. Right? Curiosity drew me to this show and, before I had finished the first episode, I knew I was hooked. Series 5 was just starting to air on the BBC. I had to catch up, though I wasn’t quite in a hurry.

The question is: Why the attraction to Downton Abbey?

There’s something to be said for decorum, for honor and for devious and conniving servants. It’s my Big Brother, or The Bachelor, but with more…what’s the word…intelligence? Perhaps that’s a bit too harsh. Still, I rather enjoy not only the sharp dress, but the sharp wit as well. And I know I’ll probably say this more than once, but Maggie Smith surely has the best role.

If you try it yourself, it may seem overwhelming initially. After all, the show introduces the audience to a large cast, but within a few episodes, you’ll have got it down. In case you’re still a little wary, here’s a cheat sheet that I’ve found in my online searches:


Downton Abbey character – found on PBS.  Another excellent explanation of the Crawley family can be found on With An Accent.


A fun article lists the historical elements that play alongside Downton Abbey’s episodes: Downton Abbey and History: A Look Back. The audience will notice not only the changes brought about by historical events, such as WWI, Spanish Influenza or the sinking of the Titanic, but also the introduction of electricity and changes in fashion.

If you often enjoy BBC programming, you’ll more than likely have fun with Downton Abbey. The story lines are decent, though not excellent, and there is at least one that grows tiresome, but that is made up for in the pomp and circumstance that is the estate and the people within.

Well then? Shall we have a go?



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