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Captain Robert Benedict

A quick chat with Captain Robert James Benedict

**Dictated Interview**

RB: Jas is the villain that ye no doubt seek.

Interviewer: Isn’t he part of your family?

RB: (groans) Aye. Tha whelp, Jas, is me descendant. Tho’ at times, I think o’ him more a mistake than man. Call him by his rightful name, Captain Hook. It was he who was part o’ a longstandin’ debt ta be paid. He’d carry on, shoutin’ and screamin’, for hours. Not ta mention his temper. More fierce than a tempest, quick ta appear. That boy got himself into a heap o’ trouble. Serves him right.

Interviewer: Not very clever, is it? To call him Captain Hook simply because he has a hook for a hand. Perhaps you’re a bit sore that he gained the advantage over you? He did win Eileen’s heart-

RB: (interrupts) This interview be an unhealthy one should ye continue tha line o’ questioning.

Interview: (clears throat) Uh, right. I, uh… Tell us about yourself.

RB: I be a ruggedly handsome pirate, er, captain that is, o’ the Mistral Thief. I’ve made me an honest fortune.

Interviewer: (coughs) Honest?

RB: Problem?

Interviewer: No, not at all. Moving on… Do you follow a code, as a pirate-, I mean as a gentleman captain?


RB: By which ye mean, do I follow said laws? Sure, sure. I’m naught but the epitome of decorum.

Interviewer: (coughs)

RB: Ye best drink water ta stiffle that cough, or I might be thinkin’ an implication’s been made.

Interviewer: (nervous) My apologies. Do you view yourself as a villain?

RB: (chuckles) Nay.

Interviewer: But you’ve killed for love.

RB: I’ve killed for a lot less.

Interviewer: (gulps) If you aren’t the villain of the story, who is?

RB: (sighs) I’ve told ye. Jas. He’s the villain of said story. Hook for a hand. Kidnaps crew and ship. Ever hear o’ the Jolly Roger? Weren’t originally his. And that poor, innocent lad, Peter? Pursued by that relentless monster.

Interviewer: But wasn’t it Peter that cut off his hand, killed his family, kidnapped his son?

RB: Twas all just misunderstandings. Pete was only a lad.

Interviewer: But James, himself, said if it wasn’t for your actions, Peter never would have gained power, escaped, kidnapped and killed anyone. He claims you’re the one at fault, you’re the villain.

RB: Interestin’. No doubt he claims I freed that air god that possessed the boy’s body?

Interviewer: (grins) He said nothing of the kind, but I suppose that’s the truth of it. You stole and the consequence was Pan’s release, and a whole lot more.

RB: Take care now. Truth be told, I made Jas inta right true, uh, sailor. Hate ta admit it, but he took to it like a fish ta water. Took me years before I could captain me own ship. For Jas? Months. ‘course, he was a wee bit motivated, his wife ‘n son…While I remain ever the gent, he’s turned to a true villainous pirate.

Interviewer: Slip of the tongue? Turned into a true villainous pirate or turned to a villainous pirate? If you released Pan, then wouldn’t you in part be a villain? James seems to think so-

**Interview dictation abruptly stops**


Author notes: Second on the Right is a fantasy novel which delves in the origin of Captain James Hook and his motivation to seek revenge on Peter Pan. All is not as it seems. This is not your typical J.M. Barrie Peter Pan. The novel is set to release on Barrie’s birthday, May 9th of 2014.

Book(s) in which this character appears:

Second on the Right


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2 comments on “Captain Robert Benedict

  1. Sarah Miles
    February 16, 2015

    I have a few favorite villains!! Of course, He Who Must Not Be Named (gotta be pretty scary to have people afraid of a name). From Doctor Who, the daleks and the angel statues. And from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the creepy thin guys who come to town, steal everyone’s voices, and then start flaying flesh. *shudders* That one was nightmare inducing. The thought of not being able to scream while someone does that is awful.

    Your Captain sounds like a complex guy. Hope to win a copy of Second to the Right! Every story has two sides 🙂


    • Elizabeth Los
      February 17, 2015

      I loved the idea of the Weeping Angels. Buffy’s villain was one episode that I truly found disturbing. I could handle vampires and what not, but those guys were awful! Thanks for the comments 🙂


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