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Frugal Celebrations: Toad Marshmallow Pops

IMG_20150131_134351_963This post is in continuation of the one from last week, which you can read here: Frugal Celebrations: Geocache Mario Party

We had a lot going on for this birthday party. In you aren’t familiar with Mario Kart, you’ll want to search to discover what characters are associated with the video game.


Toad marshmallow pops

What you’ll need:
-marshmallows (regular sized)
-cake pop sticks
-white chocolate and red chocolate
-black food pen

Here’s how…

The coloring of Toad in this project is actually inverted. Toad’s hat is mainly white with red spots. But for this instance, we decided to do the opposite. The marshmallow was his body and the red chocolate was his hat. IMG_20150130_174457_580

First, we melted down vanilla flavored white chocolate. Since we needed red, I had to add food coloring. This affected the consistency of IMG_20150130_174457_580thechocolate, which required a few splashes of milk. Use a double boiler, or two sauce pans (one inside the other), to regulate the melted chocolate and prevent burning. To burn chocolate would be a disaster!

Personally, I’d recommended purchasing the red chocolate wafers/chips that craft stores sometimes sell. This would probably work much easier than coloring the chocolate. Once it is completely melted, turn off the heat on the water of the sauce pan underneath. If the heat remains on, it will dry out the chocolate. If you find the chocolate is solidifying, just turn on the heat again and put it back to a melted state.IMG_20150130_174626_533

We used candy/cake pop sticks in marshmallows. Dip the marshmallow halfway, no more. If you place it on wax paper, the chocolate IMG_20150130_174502_210may pull of the top of the hat. This happened for us. So we found a small cardboard box, cut holes in it with a knife and stuck the pops in to allow the chocolate to cool.IMG_20150130_174502_210

When the hats had sufficiently cooled, we used the back of a clean paintbrush (the thicker kid’s handle one), dipped it in melted white chocolate and placed random dots over the hat.IMG_20150130_174640_903

The final step is the easiest part. Draw the eyes on the marshmallow using the black food pen. In order to make it look the most like Toad, make sure the eyes are an oval shape and not round.




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