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A to Z Ode

In anticipation of the A to Z challenge, the following is a poem holding the titles of the upcoming posts. Each post will be a personal story I could have viewed as negative, but put a positive spin on it. I’d recently attending an education series for families affected by addition. In part of the lesson, the speaker brought up imaginary glasses we wear that change our viewpoint.

We react to events in our life and view situations through those glasses that have changed because of various hurts, from rejection or betrayal. If we can rewrite those hurts, change our glasses so to speak, we might be able to react better. And honestly, who are we hurting when we get angry with someone or a situation? Does the toaster care when you curse it for burning your bread?

I can’t always approach it this way. There are times when I need to “meltdown”, like a toddler. I need a release from the stress and frustration. But dwelling in that day after day does more harm than good. My constant battle is to get over it, get above it and move on.

 A is for Alien, At a Quarter to Three
 B is for But, Immature, Yep, That’s Me
 C is for Cow, Their Tricks I Observed
 D is for Drive Thru Where I Was McServed
 E is for Eel, Shrieking Eel Is Near
 F is for Fish, Don’t Point or Dare Jeer
 G is for Goatee, Evil Goatee I Did Spy
 H is for Horses Who Despise Horseback rides
 I is for Ice Cream, I Didn’t Want Anymore
 J is for June Bug, I Screamed and I Roared
 K is for Knuckles, Falling In Haste
 L is for Lion Cake, I Beat Into Paste
 M is for Muddled, My Brain Was Dreading
 N is for Nine, Mutants At A Wedding
 O is for Onyx, Blind As A Bat
 P is for Plumber, Who Wears a Red Hat
 Q is for Quiz That He Can’t Pronounce
 R is for Run, From It I Did Bounce
 S is for Siren, To Get Through The Light
 T is for Tech Support, Please Get It Right
 U is for Unsew, I Fail At Clothes
 V is for Vicks, Up In The Nose
 W is for Whine, uh, Wine…wait, what did I say?
 X is for X-ray, Were Those Vitamins? Nay.
 Y is for Yuk, What’s That In His Mouth?
 Z is for Zombies, When It All Goes South



2 comments on “A to Z Ode

  1. Jan Morrison
    April 5, 2015

    I read this after I read your drive-in story – so glad I noticed what I was supposed to! I work as a counselor at a treatment centre for Aboriginal families with addictions so it was even more good to connect with this theme! (I assume that your phrase had a typo in it as ALL families are afflicted with additions if you ponder it!)
    so thanks and I’ll swing by again…


    • Elizabeth Los
      April 6, 2015

      My addition isn’t alcohol, but I certainly have one. It won’t ever put my family in danger, but it definitely isn’t good for my health. So, I can see what you mean by all families afflicted with additions. I just usually tried to ovoid generalizing (not always successful with that).


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