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O is for Onyx, Blind as a Bat

Onyx was the coolest cat I’d ever known. He was actually my husband’s cat, before we were married. Onyx was typically even tempered, easy going, just a fun cat to be around. He was never loud, never got into things…well, there was the first time after we were married, that he decided to pee all over a bag with my clothes. But other than that, a great cat!Onyx

Unfortunately, Onyx lost is sight due to Baytril, a strong antibiotic given to battle his recurring urinary tract infections. By the time we stopped the medication (24 hours later), it was too late. The blood supply to his eyes had diminished and he could no longer see. That didn’t stop him!

When I’d cook dinner, prior to losing his sight, Onyx would often sit on the wooden cabinet that held out trash can. It was near where I was cooking. I think he just liked hanging out as well as getting a good whiff of what was for dinner.

On this evening, I was busy around the kitchen, cooking dinner, cleaning the dishes and so on. I had left the trashcan lid up to make it easy to clean up. Unfortunately, Onyx couldn’t see that. As usually, he jumped up to sit on the trashcan and was surprised by the lack of surface.

Slowly he sank….down into the trashcan….with the grumpiest look on his face I’d ever seen. It was as if he was using that moment to stare in my general direction, to give emphasis to his humiliation that was my fault.

Poor Onyx. I did fish him out of the trash, unharmed. But the look on his face was something I’ll never forget. Cats may not be human, but you can certainly tell from their facial expressions when *they are not pleased*.




2 comments on “O is for Onyx, Blind as a Bat

  1. Awwww, poor Onyx. My in-laws had a dog that went blind and she had no problem getting around their house. As long as they didn’t rearrange.

    ~Patricia Lynne aka Patricia Josephine~
    Member of C. Lee’s Muffin Commando Squad
    Story Dam
    Patricia Lynne, Indie Author


    • Elizabeth Los
      April 17, 2015

      We learned that early on too. So our place remained as is until after he passed away years later. It would have been cruel otherwise I think.


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