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Fabulous Food: Panko Breaded Pork Chops

pankoIf you have never tried panko in cooking, you’re missing out! Panko (pronounced “pahn-ko”) is the Japanese word for breadcrumbs, a flaky mixture and larger surface area, allow for a crispy, less dense coating than traditional breadcrumbs. For this recipe, I used pork, but any meat could be used such as steak (certain types), fish or chicken. Even vegetarians can use this to coat up some yummy eggplant.

What I love about this recipe is that I don’t need exact measurements when coating and frying. I can make this quickly and pop them in the oven. That hour of cooking gives me time to focus on my kids.


-thin sliced boneless pork chops (I usually cook 4)*
-one dish of panko spread out, add more as needed
-one dish of flour spread out, add more as needed
-one dish of one egg mixed with 1/3 cup of milk

*Note: If you don’t care for pork, this recipe could easily work well for chicken or fish. I haven’t tried steak, but I imagine it would work with that as well. And as I noted above, eggplant came to mind as a meat alternative. In either case, I prefer the cuts to be thinly sliced.

Extra note: Be creative! I’ve added Parmesan to this recipe, as well as seasoned salt and on and on. This is the base of the recipe. How you jazz it up is for you to decide.

Here’s how…

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Heat cooking oil (I use Grapeseed oil) in a frying pan or cast iron skillet. Coat both sides of the pork chop (or alternative) with flour. Dip the floured coated chop into the egg/milk mixture. Once both sides are saturated, press each side into the panko, making sure to cover both sides evenly. Carefully place the breaded pork chop in the hot pan and fry each side until golden brown. Repeat the previous steps to coat all pork chops available.

Place all fried chops onto a baking sheet, cover with aluminum foil and place in the oven for 45 minutes to 1 hour (depending on the thickness).

I usually serve this with some rice and a vegetable.  Okay, I’m drooling now…

panko fish

Panko Fish

panko eggplant

Panko Eggplant

panko pork

Panko Pork Chop (as seen on



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  1. Christina Rose
    May 15, 2015



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