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The Value of Tea

Tea Caddy

Value of Tea

Obviously tea can have a positive effect, as we saw in the previous post. I know a smile grew on my face watching Hugh Jackman dance after drinking some iced tea. 😉

The picture shown above is that of a tea caddy box and key. During the eighteenth century, tea was an expensive commodity, an exotic item kept under lock and key. The lady of the house would retain the key. Even the servants weren’t given access to it.

That has been the value of tea in history!

Cat earl grey
What do you mean there’s no more Earl Grey?

In moments of crisis, in moments of tears, the phrase “put the kettle on” is a declaration-a moment to sit down, take pause and regroup.

Keep calm

The act of making the tea:

  • boiling the water
  • gathering the mugs
  • warming the pot
  • steeping the tea leaves, and finally
  • pouring a cup…

All of this takes time, time that forces us from a sense of urgency to a sense of calm.

That is the true value of tea.



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