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As an employee of a hospital, I represent the company and thus, must act accordingly. I should hold myself to a professional standard with working with other employees as well as any patient’s or vendors. To act unprofessional would reflect poorly not just on me, but on my employer.

As a daughter, I represent my mother and father at family functions and other events. To act inappropriate means it will reflect poorly and no doubt embarrass those that love me and raised me.

As a Christian,  I represent the person of Christ, so He should be part of my persona. John 13:35 “Your strong love for each other will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”

I don’t always succeed at this. There are times I lose my temper, whine, complain, cry. Not a great example, right? So what do I do? Give up? No!

Despite your beliefs, you shouldn’t give up either. You may or may not believe as I do, but having a more positive spirit in this world is amazing and, often to others, confounding. Why are they so happy? Why are they willing to help for nothing? Good Samaritans are scattered everywhere. Have you seen one or been one? If not, you’re missing out! I’ve received more joy from helping others for no reason at all than receiving gifts at Christmas or on my birthday. Seriously!

A few years ago, a relative discovered a family member was in a bad way. After that family member was sent to the hospital, he was left to take care of the house. It was a mess. I mean, think of the most disgusting thing and you might be on the right track when imagining this place. I knew what the one in the hospital was going through. And I could empathize with the one who was to take care of the house. It was going to be a huge task. Where to start?

I offered to help clean it. The house was a disaster. Not kidding. But I was prepared for it. It was a lot of work to clean. But I knew what I was volunteering for. I brought items from gloves to Clorox wipes to Vicks. Yes, Vicks. See, I was expecting a moment when my stomach would turn. And there was a “dry heave” moment for me. So I quickly called for my husband to put Vicks up my nose to stop me from losing it (I posted on this during the A to Z challenge). One big scoop later was shoved right up my nose. Well, it helped with that PLUS my sinuses. I certainly learned that my husband is a literal person. lol!

My point is this: the relative couldn’t fathom why I would want to help, and for nothing at all. I didn’t want payment, I didn’t want anything other than to be there for him.

Do you have to be a Christian to have this type of personality? Absolutely not!

What’s stopping this world from being this way? Why are people in this world more like toddlers with “mine, mine, mine” and less with “let me help”?

My goal, for me personally, is to not only continue to help others as the opportunity arises, but to show my kids through such examples that they too can carry that same spirit with them through life. It certainly takes the stress out of certain situations. It’s also amusing to see the confused look on a person’s face after they’ve been helped. 🙂



2 comments on “Personali-Tea

  1. Paula Kaye
    May 23, 2015

    This is a wonderful way to teach our kids. We have to lead by example. Good for you!


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