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A Strong Sense

It’s amazing to me, how the body works. But even more so is the brain and our memories. One of the things I find so true about my memories is that they are often associated with my sense of smell. Before, I’d given little thought to it.



But now? If I catch a hint of a particular smell, the memories come flooding back to my mind. Wow. A medicine-like smell reminds me of the time I went with friends to see Nightmare Before Christmas in the theater. Specific water smells will remind me of moments with friends at amusement parks, like Disneyland. The smell of books immediately reminds me of hours spent in the library as a child. Chlorine? The university pool where I learned to swim.


smellingThis may seem silly, but I do it on purpose now. If there is a moment in time that I want to remember, or eventually be reminded of, I take in a deep breath. I consciously think of the smells, as well as the sights and sounds. I want it imprinted on my mind so when it comes back, it returns more vividly than any other memory.



Have you noticed a particular smell that sends you back in time in a sense? In a sense. heh. Sorry, anyway…


sotr cover small

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf smells will always hold a fond memory for me. It’s where I reviewed, revised and finalized my first novel.


So, what about you?







One comment on “A Strong Sense

  1. Paula
    June 5, 2015

    I think of my mother anytime I smell lilacs or the perfume Tabu. It takes me immediately back to my childhood. The smell of Captain Black Cherry pipe tobacco will always remind me of my late husband. And Brut aftershave. I keep a bottle in my medicine cabinet just to breathe “him” in when I am missing him the most. Smells to me are powerful


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