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Take a Break, but DON’T Give Up

cropped-cwlogo.jpgAs mentioned in a previous post, I’ve had the “pleasure” of dealing with the workup process in healthcare. My doctor had palpated fullness in my thyroid, so I’d recently undergone ultrasound. Then, I waited until the radiologist came out with the official report. It was only a slight surprise.

Now that I had everything, I wanted to be seen by an endocrinologist to go over and start planning treatment(s). Last week, I spoke with my doctor and requested the referral. By Friday, the office called and said the referral had been fax.

“Call the endocrinologist on Monday.”

So I waited over the weekend…

Monday, I gave the office an hour to open and get situated before calling. I explained the referral that was faxed on Friday. The staff placed me on hold to look for it. When they got back on the line, they said nothing had come through with my name on it. They suggested calling my doctor’s office to verify they had the correct fax number.

I called my doctor’s office. They checked. They had the correct fax number. They faxed it on Friday evening. As far as they were concerned, their job, their part, was completed. It was now up to the endocrinologist’s office to pick it up from there.

I hung up and buried my face in my hands. I’m was tired. I wanted to give up.

But my thoughts went to other people who were stuck in the same sort of “limbo”. Do they end up giving up? How many people fail to be seen and helped for medical issues because of silly office quirks? For anyone out there struggling, I say this to you…

Don’t give up!

The only person you end up shortchanging is yourself. It doesn’t hurt the office staff, the nurses, or the physicians if you give up. It’s not as if they won’t be able to continue on in their line of business. But it may prove detrimental to your health if you don’t followup. So do yourself a favor for once (I say this to myself as well). Keep pestering. Because giving up on pursuing workup and diagnosis is to give up on yourself. And you’re worth so much more than that!


One comment on “Take a Break, but DON’T Give Up

  1. Paula
    June 8, 2015

    I absolutely hate the run-around that is given to patients. We should not have to go through that. I hope your referral came through. And I hope the outcomes is a great one!!


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