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Discovery Cube: Sherlock Holmes Exhibit


For anyone needing something to do this summer, if you find yourself in the Orange County area of California, be sure to stop by the Discovery Science Cube in Santa Ana. The International Exhibition of Sherlock Holmes is a special display of books, articles, artifacts and more, all dedicated to the creation of Sherlock Holmes and the furthering of forensic science. But be warned! A murder has taken place and its up to you, with Mr. Holmes’ guidance, to solve the mystery. Are you up for the challenge?

Home Sweet Home


221B Baker Street

The flat at 221B Baker Street has been kindly reproduced as a warm up exercise, testing our powers of observation. Can you spot the Persian slipper? Pfft. Mere child’s play. But what of the other items on the list? Take your time. Don’t rush. Arriving at a hasty deduction never benefited anyone.


Room with a View, including the head/mannequin used in The Adventure of The Empty House


Cabinets and concoctions galore. Explore the “laboratory” of Sherlock Holmes.










A murder, you say? Oh, it’s Christmas!


The Crime Scene

Step into the parlor of the deceased and observe the crime scene. With your trusty notebook in hand (provided to you prior to entering the exhibit), you’ll begin to gather the evidence including blood spatter, foot prints, bullet trajectory and more. Through your powers of observation (always with Holmes assistance, if needed), you’ll punch your card in the slot you believe is the correct deduction.

Do the markings outside of the crime scene display specific footprint patterns, drag marks or something else? You decide!


Another device created by Mr. Holmes’ creation experimenting with drag marks. Does the evidence match up?


Mechanism of Mr. Holmes’ creation that allows the testing of footprints to compare to the evidence at hand.



Punching your booklet with your chosen deduction.


Rubbings for our booklet of evidence.

Bullets, Poison and More!


Slip your booklet in to reveal the secret message.

The fun doesn’t stop there. After gathering rubbings, blood splatter patterns, and such, head over to the bust, the one that shattered during the murder. Piece it back together to find any evidence of a bullet hole entry/exit. Be sure to watch the mechanized flip books Mr. Holmes left for us to compare with our observations. 

Then continue on to the green house, where you’ll be able to experiment with the various plant life. With Mr. Holmes’ help, a proper deduction should be reached. Make sure to read through everything thoroughly, or you might miss an important detail. Let’s hope Mr. Holmes doesn’t have to remind us of this repeatedly.

The blood spatter, in my opinion, was the most fun, especially for my son. Using our booklet, we compared the blood spatter from the crime scene with three different setups to decide which one matched and thus, we were able to correctly deduce the manner of weapon used.

If you’ve correctly punched your booklet, you should be able to discover a secret message in the local newspaper. Obviously, I won’t reveal the secret message, ’cause that would just ruin the fun!

Your efforts will be rewarded with a final case summary from the brilliant detective. If you ever get stuck during this case, be sure to grab one of the Discovery Cube detectives, whom Mr. Holmes employed to assist you. Baker Street Irregulars perhaps?

Eye Candy!

Here’s the sweet treat at the end. I mean, the start was pretty sweet too, with the display of old manuscripts, newspaper articles and such. The end? It holds treasures of Sherlock Holmes in television and film, as well as products like games and more. It’s great fun to explore how much Sherlock Holmes has influenced our cultures, worldwide.

If you’re a fan of Elementary with Jonny Lee Miller, you’ll find outfits and the “fence” of locks.


Locks to pick


Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock


If you’re a BBC Sherlock fan, you’ll find some familiar props.


Pink Suitcase, anyone?


If you’re a Guy Ritchie Holmes fan, there are several props of interest, including the car, Persian slippers and chess board.20150613_122722 20150613_122310


I am a Sherlock Holmes enthusiast. I enjoy the stories, most of the television shows and films, and own a few products that feature his name.

But even if you’re not a fan, I think you’ll enjoy the fun of solving the murder mystery. Just remember, time is running out. We only have until September 7th before the exhibit closes.


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