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The Magic Castle

The Magic Castle! (squeal)

9 years ago I’d visited the Magic Castle. It was such a blast, a fun place to watch a variety of magic card tricks, sleight of hand and bigger stage performances. (Keep in mind, the Magic Castle is pricey.)

Yesterday was no exception. Never boring! Coming away from it, I think my son wanted to be a magician. My daughter? She just loved the animals. What I really appreciated was how friendly and approachable the magicians were. I’ve been there at night, but I really liked the difference between that time and the morning. Each magic show reserved the first two rows of seats for the kids. So the kids not only got a great view, but they were engaged during the performance. There are three main performances: the palace of mystery, the parlor of prestidigitation and the close-up gallery. The lower level has smaller rooms which feature more card tricks and sleight of hand.

Note: Photography is not permitted within the castle. While I witnessed many visitors ignoring this rule, I chose to respect the place and the magicians that hold this club to a higher standard. With that said, I have pictures of the outside of the castle (which are permitted).

20150718_094933 20150718_094927

Below is “Inside LA’s Secret Magic Castle”, which features the Magic Castle and its beautiful architecture (which was fun for me to see). 

Finally, my favorite part? Definitely a favorite for the kids…Irma! Irma is the ghost within The Magic Castle who plays the grand piano. The piano, and her seat, are located in the corner of a small room behind the bar. Guests are encouraged to ask Irma, politely if you please, to play a song. Give her a minute to think about it and more than likely she’ll play for you. She has an invisible bird at her side where guests may leave a tip in appreciation of Irma’s performance. If you say “goodbye” to Irma, she’ll play “So Long, Farewell” from The Sound of Music.

Anyone can become an associate member (one who supports the art of magic). There is also an academy for those interested in becoming a magician. The Magic Castle holds classes several times a week, I believe. Click on the picture below for more information.



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