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Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell: Seriously?

jonathan strangeOkay, I get it. Television, film, they all have a budget to contend with. And translating a book to film, word for word, is nearly impossible.

That being said, I have to admit that I am a little disappointed by the skipping of certain aspects in the book. I’m also a little annoyed at the approach of certain events/scenes that ended up being different from the book.

With that disappointment, I was reminded of Jurassic Park. I’d read the book, several times in fact. I loved it. The movie? It was entertaining, but I was sorely disappointed in the absence of the aviary and the T-Rex at the end of the waterfall, and then some.

Despite my little rant here, I’m still enjoying the mini series. And it’s helped me to better understand the characters that I’d read. From the start, I didn’t like Norrell (when reading the book). Strange was in stark contrast to him, excited about magic, willing to experiment. I’d immediately attached myself to him. But after watching the mini-series, I began to wonder: would I truly have sided with Strange if they had existed in real life?

I’ve been struggling back and forth with an answer. For as much as I like Strange’s attitude, his passion, I question his means. He seems willing to try every magic spell (even dark magic) just to see what happens, to learn from it. Regardless of any outcome or mistakes, he wants to take the risk. Whereas Mr. Norrell is more reserved and, dare I say, fears experimenting in the ways of the Raven King for the outcome is unpredictable.

It reminds me of the characters in Peter Pan. Depending on your personality, you’ll side with one over the other. For those, more youthful and free-spirited, you might be attracted to Peter Pan. Those who are more responsible, want accountability for one’s actions, etc. You might prefer Captain Hook. Or is it more of a optimist/pessimist view? Or as I like to say, not pessimist, but rather realist. 😉

Are you familiar with these two characters? If so, who would you side with?


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