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Book Review: Darkness Brutal


I’ve already posted this on Twitter and Facebook, but wanted to make sure it was also posted here. Reviews can be nice treats for the author, so I review when I can. Plus, if it’s a good read, why not tell you about it so you don’t miss out?

Note: The following review can be found on Goodreads.

From the first chapter, I knew why this book was successful. The writing was good. The idea of a main character seeing demons (and angels) isn’t a new one. Still, this was an entertaining story. I’ve read reviews saying there was a Twilight type angst or romance. I can say that there was nothing so bad as that.

The story is told in first person present by the main character, Aiden. Aiden hasn’t had the perfect life. Having lost his mother at a young age, he’s felt the need to protect his sister ever since. It doesn’t help that demons come to claim her on her birthday. When he saves a young girl, Rebecca, from being raped, he doesn’t realize the chain reaction he’s started that will affect both him and his sister. I’ll say no more so I don’t spoil it for anyone.

Some reviewers seemed to have a problem with the Christian theme. As the book began, it was subtle, a little bit here and there. Towards the end, it was clearly evident. However, it wasn’t the type that preached at the reader. One review claimed it was about choosing a relationship with a saint or a whore. That the idea of abstinence, of being a virgin, is embarrassing or ridiculous (unless, of course, the virgin is being sacrificed…right?). Pfft! This was horribly simplified and wrong.

All of the characters were flawed. Yet despite those marks on their souls, they were extremely valuable in the inevitable fight. And while I was okay with Rebecca, I really did like the character, Kara. You got a problem with that? 😉

So there’s some light referencing to biblical stuff. So what? Don’t be turned off by that, otherwise you’ll miss out. I like stories that work with biblical prophecies, plagues, etc, etc. I also like walks on the beach at night. Time travel? Ehh…not such a big fan.

This story is good and if you enjoy the paranormal, angels and demons, you’ll enjoy this read.


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