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Vienna Sky: more like Kingsmen than James Bond


Vienna Sky
Release Date: 9/1/15
Eternal Press
Summary from Goodreads:
A Spy-Fy, YA, Thriller. When Archie, a poor kid from New Jersey stumbles on a ring of spies working on a secret experiment, he ends up with a dead spy in his brain and the image of a girl he’s never met haunting his dreams. When he goes halfway around the world to finish the spy’s final mission he finds out just how much he can handle and just how far he’s willing to go in the fight for love, honor and justice. 
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From the Author
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My Review:


When I first received notice regarding available copies for Vienna Sky, the cover caught my eye. I’d seen so many of the fantasy covers lately, that this one was a nice change. And the guy had a shirt on. Yay! Reading further, the mention of a fictional spy thriller sounded like it might be a fun read. Vienna Sky reminded me a bit of James Bond, but for young adult ages. So, I guess it was more like Kingsmen? And for the record, for me Kingsmen was okay, but certainly not a movie I’d watch again. Yes, even though it had Mark Strong in it. I think he was probably the best part of that movie.

At any rate, I digress…

The story opens with an introduction to Archie as he’s on his way to school. Sounds like it’s a typical high school, but not one in a well-to-do neighborhood. There is mention of drugs, mainly the selling of them. But that isn’t the focus. For the reader, eyes remain on Archie, who’s been experiencing recurring headaches, voices/whispers and flashes from another life. Is it really a past life or is someone actually in his head? All of this seems to happen when the school bus passes a particular building. Eventually curiosity urges him to explore the area and the building itself. What he finds is evidence of an experiment. What exactly are they doing and why? What is Cortex? I’ll leave that for the reader to find out.

While reading, I never felt a connection with the characters, which is one of the main reasons I stick with a book. It isn’t that I’d have to be a guy in high school. I’ve identified with a male astronaut on Mars, so I don’t think that’s the problem. I never felt invested in the character. Besides that, his thoughts bounce from his own to that of the Agent in his mind (or his memories, that is). The story was an interesting one, and for those YA readers who enjoy spy novels, they will most likely enjoy this read. But as for a thriller? Expect more spy/espionage.

If you discovered you suddenly had special skills in fighting, lock picking and more, what would you do with this new found knowledge and power?


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