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Kids Will Love, Parents Will Approve

I had the opportunity to try this product through BzzAgent. Tropicana has often been a top choice for orange juice with my family. And it’s no surprise, really. The taste is great.

Taste: Most family members agreed that the taste was good as orange juices go, minus the pulp. The grandfather thought it tasted a little watered down, but I didn’t share his opinion. It was good.

Bottle: The bottle isn’t huge and fit in nicely among our other bottles of milk, juice and water in the refrigerator.

Cost: Tropicana Vitamin C & Zinc goes for roughly$3 at the grocery store. I imagine this coupon would work to save a little money in order to give the product a try: Click Here.

Overall: The taste is good, the fact that it has no added sugar is important to me as well. Tropicana claims this product has three times the amount of vitamin C compared to other orange juices. If it’s made with real oranges, we can at least trust that it has vitamin C, which is important for our bodies, regardless.

I liked having this at our family gathering with our breakfast. It went around fast and we ran out. Even the kids loved the taste.

Question: Would I buy it again?

Answer: I don’t drink orange juice on a regular basis. However, for special occasions when serving breakfast for a large family gathering, I’d definitely considering purchasing this product. For a family that doesn’t drink much OJ on a daily basis, it might not be worth it.

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