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Whitewashed Oscars? Ugh, seriously? It isn’t that simple

OscarBefore anyone gets angry about the use of the picture on the side, it’s because his name is “Oscar”.

I’d hesitated on posting this, because I know I might receive angry, perhaps even threatening comments. That’s the typical reaction these days. Post your thoughts, your opinions, and you’ll pay dearly for it. Am I wrong?

I get it. The Oscars seem unfair.

You know what? They always have been.

Why does this seem like a new thing?


They’ve overlooked so many great actors over the years, regardless of race, age, gender, etc., etc.

I could name one that recently passed that had been overlooked MULTIPLE times and NEVER received an Oscar. I’m not going to argue that they overlooked him because of age, color or whatever else. More than likely, it was because of the types of roles he accepted, the characters he played. They weren’t “Oscar worthy” characters.

*Whatever*  🙂

Is that a bad thing?

Pfft. No. Ultimately, what gets me to watch a movie is if I’m INTERESTED in it in the first place. (mumbles: or if said actor is in it. Shhh!)

I don’t need an Oscar to tell me that it’s a good movie. I can figure that out on my own, thank you very much.


I’d probably feel differently if I were in the industry. Everyone wants to be recognized for their hard work. Who wouldn’t?

I just don’t see it as simply a race issue.

It is a popularity contest.

Like being in High School all over again.

What I’d like to see? The actor that rises ABOVE all of this, regardless of being snubbed.


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