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I’ve Had It With Mary (Downton Abbey)


Wow, have things changed on Downton Abbey. I think that might be what I like most about this show. Sure, the setting, the fashions, all of it is beautiful. But it’s how the characters have evolved as the world has changed around them. That, I find interesting.

I remember really not liking Barrow from the very beginning. But as the final season closes in, Carson voices my realization…

“I didn’t credit him with any feelings. I thought he was a man without a heart. I was wrong.”

DA Barrow

I was wrong, too. I mean, I understand my annoyance at him for all he did up to this point. But in some ways, he was acting out just as Lady Mary has always acted out. When either of them is unhappy, they seem to make it their life’s ambition to make everyone else around them miserable. Still, that’s no excuse for their behavior and I’m certainly glad that Carson has, from time to time, put Barrow in his place. That being said, he was a bit harsh recently.

And Tom? He’d been my favorite from the very beginning and he certainly didn’t disappoint in episode 8. Finally, he spoke out and put Mary in her place, something I’d be wanting SOMEONE to do for the longest time. I’m so done with her attitude. She really has been a snob. She needs to get over herself, otherwise she’ll be miserable for the rest of her life.

DA Tom


I hope the season finale resolves Lady Edith’s story line. She’s had such bad luck throughout the entire show. She’s due for some good news for once. Well, I suppose she’s done well with the magazine.

What a difference six seasons make! I’m sad to see it end, but it was a fun ride.



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