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Doctor Who and My Dog, the Critic

I was a little bummed that Netflix no longer had Doctor Who. But thankfully, Amazon Prime now has them!

I was going to go through all of the episodes starting with Eccleston, to make sure I hadn’t missed any. I’m sure there’s at least one I haven’t seen. So I started with the first, Rose meeting the Doctor and the mannequins coming to life. My dogs were in the house, relaxing in front of the television while I watched. They were nice and quiet, despite the noise of the episode, including the music.

When I finished that episode, I was tempted to go back to one I hadn’t seen in a while: the more recent Doctor. I watched as the familiar blue box appeared in Sherwood Forest. The Doctor stepped out and barbs began to fly (as much as arrows) with Robin Hood. Watching the two men argue was amusing. However, my dog didn’t agree. She stood up and began to bark. Not just a little bark, more of a “I’m displeased and a little freaked by what I’m seeing”.

I paused the episode. She calmed down and went back on her bed. I turned it back on and she stood up and barked. Then she hid behind the chair to bark some more.

So a silly thought came into my head. Does my dog actually prefer Eccleston over Capaldi? Or was it Robin Hood that was throwing her off and creeping her out? After all, even the Doctor didn’t believe he was real.

I plan to test and find the answer. She hasn’t seen Tennant yet. If she really isn’t a Capaldi fan, then I guess she’ll have to stay outside until I’m done watching.  😉DoctorWho


One comment on “Doctor Who and My Dog, the Critic

  1. aandj8804
    April 8, 2016

    lol. That’s funny. I’m not really a fan of Dr. Who so I’m amused that your dog is scared/freaked out by an episode … whether it’s a character, a scene, or what. Hope you and your dog can agree on shows in the future. 🙂


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