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J is for Just Calm Down

If you’re just tuning in, I highly recommend starting with A (the beginning of the story)

“Just calm down,” Karl said over and over as he took in another deep breath. The claustrophobic feeling was overpowering and he was about to have another meltdown at being imprisoned, when his ears picked up the sound of gravel crunching under foot. Swallowing his scream, he hoped whoever it was would help him.


“Hello?” he cried out desperately. “Can you hear me? I’m trapped in the trunk. Please, get me out? Help me!”


“Shh, now,” he heard the disembodied voice whisper.


“Help me…please?” he whispered back.


“I’m here now. Be still and quiet. I’ll get you out,” the soothing female voice answered.


He heard a few scrapes on the metal outside. Whoever this woman was, she couldn’t possible get him out. She grunted and the car bounced slightly. Was she trying to open the trunk? It was most likely locked. Just when he was going to tell her to get help, he heard a click and fresh air flow in as the trunk was opened.


“Thank God!” Karl exclaimed as he scrambled out.


He was about to thank his savior when a sharp pain hit the base of his neck, burning his skin as a buzzing sensation shot through him. Every muscle seized up. He lost his balance and fell. Small rocks scraped his face. The gash must have opened further as more blood ran down into his eye. He groaned but couldn’t move. His brain screamed instructions, but his body wouldn’t comply.


The feeling of helplessness was claustrophobic. Karl felt a small glimmer of hope. He could move the tips of his fingers, or at least he thought they were moving. A shadow loomed over him. He tried to fight the paralysis to no avail. A chemical smelling cloth was placed over his nose and mouth. He held his breath, but when his lungs began to burn, he had no choice. He breathed in the toxic vapors. As the fumes invaded his body, his vision grew blurry once again, and all he could think of was he was going to die.chloroform copy


3 comments on “J is for Just Calm Down

  1. Angelyn
    April 12, 2016

    Ooo, this was creepy. I don’t like things covering my face, so I felt this character’s distress. I’ve got to catch up!


    • Elizabeth Los
      April 12, 2016

      I’m claustrophobic. Anything anywhere close to my face bothers me! I bundle up at night under multiple blankets, but my head and face need to be breathing cold air or I feel like I’m choking.


  2. Carol Zwick
    April 12, 2016

    Eeks! You described the scene well — glad it’s fiction for me.


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