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K is for Karl


If you’re just tuning in, I highly recommend starting with A (the beginning of the story)

Karl opened his eyes and found his vision momentarily out of focus. Disoriented, lightheaded and nauseous, he shut his eyes. His mouth and nose were sore, as if sunburned. A searing pain shot through his head, intensifying the sick feeling until he could keep it in no longer. He rolled to the side of his bed and emptied the contents of his stomach.


When his muscles stopped contracting, he was able to lie back on the bed. The throbbing radiated from his forehead around the sides and down the base of his skull. He moaned. He couldn’t think, the pain was too great. Instead, he used all of his energy to will the nausea away.


When he felt it was safe enough, he risked opening his eyes. The room looked familiar, a partition of glass divided the bedroom from where a table and a few chairs were placed. His eyes grew wide at the sight. Rolling out of bed, Karl stumbled to the window on the other side of the room.


“What the—”


He ran his hand over the smooth glass, but there was no way to open it. Stranger still was what was outside of the window: space. Outer space. How was that possible? It looked exactly like—


Karl spun around, gripping the table to keep from falling over. Scanning the room, realization hit him. This was an exact replica of his room on Hermes 7 from Mercy Terminal. He’d been kidnapped by a psychotic fan?


“No, no, no,” he chanted to himself as he ran to the door.


Hands moving along the edges, he scrambled for an opening, any means to open it and get out. There was nothing. The door was as smooth as every other object in the show. Heaven forbid Mercy Terminal have any doorknobs.




3 comments on “K is for Karl

  1. Liz Brownlee
    April 13, 2016
  2. kellygriffiths
    April 13, 2016

    I like your style. Is it conceited if I tell you it reminds me of my own? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Elizabeth Los
      April 13, 2016

      Conceited? Pfft. Don’t think so. But it certainly makes me curious!


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