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O is for Overcome

If you’re just tuning in, I highly recommend starting with A (the beginning of the story)

Overcome with loneliness, Karl had pleaded for the woman to speak again. After countless tries to leave as well as insisting he was Karl and not Dr. Wilkins, the voice had left him. Now, another day had passed without hearing from her. It was hard to tell, without sunlight, without a clock, or calendar, he had no clue how to track time passing, especially when he’d been drugged numerous times. He’d began having recurring nightmares, complete with strobe lights and shadowy figures closing in. Always, he’d hear the name “Dr. Wilkins” called out over and over again. The situation was becoming unbearable.

Months passed by, or had it been years? For Karl, it seemed like more than a lifetime. Every waking moment, he had tried to escape. And every escape was met with failure, a near migraine inducing light show and being put to sleep. He finally figured out the hissing was most likely a gas that knocked him out. After refusing to play this woman’s game, refusing to claiming he was Wilkins was met with a long silence and the occasional scrape as a food tray was placed in a wall compartment of his room. The silence was maddening as much as the flashing lights.

“Good morning, Dr. Wilkins,” the voice called out.

“Oh, thank God!” Karl exclaimed.hands

The voice had finally returned. He was the happiest he’d been in a long time. Clasping his hands, as if in prayer, he couldn’t help but smile. He truly was happy the voice had come back to him. He that meant he’d have to be Dr. Wilkins, so be it. He’d be whatever she wanted him to be, just so long as she didn’t leave him alone and in silence ever again.


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