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Sherlock Loans?? My Daughter The Thief

Seriously,  there is a Sherlock Loans.


That’s not what this post is about. It’s about how my daughter is a little thief.

When my son was born, my husband was worried they’d have nothing in common. When my daughter was born, I fully expected someone different from me. And, at times she is. She loves princess things, the color pink, dance class and ballet twirls. Other times,  she’s a mimi-me. She’ll battle with swords, wearing an eyepatch and hook in the other hand. She’ll watch Teen Titans Go and say BOOYAH when she wins at Super Smash Bros. She loves dirt and worms….and bright red pedicures.

I though my stuff was safe. I was wrong.

I’ve lost hairspray, body spray, makeup, socks, my water cup, and more. She borrows, without giving back.  So I spend minutes to hours regrouping my things.  You’d think it would bother me. I’m a control freak. I need to know my stuff is where I left it.

And though it can get frustrating,  I actually kinda like it. I never expected to have anything in common with her….ever. It’s cool.



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