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Obstacles: A Case of Need

 I love writing. I’d done it since Elementary school, but was never truly serious until well after college. And I’d only really started because of encouragement from a friend. I managed to publish one novel, my take on the Peter Pan story. It was fun! Suddenly, I had several ideas for stories. What could a write next?

I’d chatted with a friend and made mention of how much I enjoy Sherlock Holmes stories and that I’d love to write one, but wouldn’t be able to reach the level of Doyle. He suggested that I write what I know. And that’s how A Case of Need was started. For me, this was a tough one. Not only did I want the story, the action, everything to be smooth, interesting, etc. But I wanted the characters to be true to themselves.

There were a lot of “discussions”, multiple times of me wanting to just quit the process, lots of editing, revising, rewriting.

Ugh. It was tough.

I imagine it has to do with the obstacles I had to overcome. Not just writer’s block, but the frustration and self-deprecation that comes naturally for an author. Holmes is my favorite fictional character. How could I possibly expect to write about him?

In the end? I’ve never been more proud of my writing than when I finished this story.

A Case of Need

Fan fiction based on the BBC’s Sherlock television series.

I do not own the rights to these characters. The following story is fan fiction and not available for publication.

(if you are unable to view the framed pdf, click on the link for the pdf)




One comment on “Obstacles: A Case of Need

  1. Well done on finishing and overcoming the obstacles. It must have been a great feeling.


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