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X is for Xenial

If you’re just tuning in, I highly recommend starting with A (the beginning of the story)

“Xenial though you might be, it’s rather off-putting when it involves other people.”


“What does that even mean? Z neal?”


He sighed. “Xenial. It means you’re hospitable to strangers.”


“That’s a bad thing? Remember we were once strangers.”


“You knew me, inside and out. We were never strangers!”


“I knew everything about Dr. Wilk—”


“I am Dr. Wilkins!” he shouted.


The two glared at one another. It was Crissa who broke eye contact. Karl felt a surge a power.


Avoiding his gaze, she cleared her throat and said in an even tone, “I want to meet the cast, see them first hand. Maybe meet fans of the new show. If you don’t want to come, then stay here and pout like a baby. I don’t care.”


“You aren’t going.”


“Pfft. What exactly can you do about it? I can outrun you. Plus, I have the keys to the car.”


“Don’t underestimate me,” he answered quietly, the timbre in his voice dropping an octave.


She laughed and waved him. Before she could pick up her purse, he had it in hand. Her face fell when he ripped out both her wallet and car keys. “You aren’t going anywhere.”


Crissa backed away, that once unusual look now a familiar one. She was afraid of him. Her eyes darted back and forth, as if assessing means of escape. Karl had a plan, he’d had one ready for quite some time. Little did she know, he’d made use of the facilities, building his endurance through running the grounds, as well as increasing his strength from various exercises. He wasn’t as weak as he once was. Karl was a completely new man, one who wasn’t going to let this woman go.


When Crissa made the attempt to flee, he caught her by her hair and yanked back into the room.

She fell to the floor. Her face was full a surprise. Scrambling to her feet, she dared push past him. Karl grabbed her arm.


“Stop fighting me.” His hands wrapped around her throat, pushing her against the wall.


“Let me go!” she screamed.


“Promise to stay.” His grip tightened.


“Okay. Okay. I give you my word!” she choked out.


He squeezed. “You’re lying,” he said in a low growl. “You’ll soon learn the importance of a promise.”

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