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A Curve That Sets Everything Right

That’s what a smile is.

My husband has the biggest smile of anyone I know. I think that’s what I first noticed, apart from his eyes. It’s hard to separate the two because when someone smiles, their eyes become so expressive with a shine in them and crinkle on the side. On our wedding day, that’s what everyone pointed out to me: his smile.

You can find that smile, the genuine one, on Cumberbatch from time to time. Not the evil Mr. Grinch one. That one’s just disturbing.

I might notice a person’s eyes first, but it’s the smile that captures my attention.

That makes sense…my subconscious would have figured this out well before I realized it. Could that be why there are so many dog lovers out there? Don’t get me wrong, cats are cute and snugly (well, some are). But what would you rather see when you got home from work?



Which reminds me of this…


You catch more flies with honey than vinegar. Who wants flies? ‘cept frogs, maybe. But we all get the idea. You get more being sweet (and happy) than grumpy and bitter. It takes effort…it takes more work…more muscles to smile than frown. But for me, that is a more pleasant curve to look at. I plan to continue making that effort to smile more, even if I’m grumpy and want to disown the world. 😀


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