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Last Walk


With the recent arrival of the new human, he’d been feeling lonely and forgotten. The trip to the park was an exciting one. He’d bolted out of the car, rushing through the grass to scare away the ducks and geese. No bird was going to bother his humans. When he turned back, they were gone. The car becoming a distance speck on the road. He ran to catch up.

He’d been running ever since.

A month went by. He was starving, cold and dirty. When a Good Samaritan picked him up, the docile English Bulldog was all tail wags and smiles. Finally, he’d found someone to love and who would love him in return. He’d do anything for that human. All he needed was a place to sleep, some food and a little company.

Really, he wouldn’t take up too much room. He’d be good, he promised. Okay, maybe occasionally he’d drool. He might mistake a shoe for a toy. But he’d be quick to apologize and ready to start again. If he could, he totally would clean up after himself, but…you know, no thumbs. Still, he’d make up for it in extra sloppy kisses.

Just let him hang out, just be near.

The Good Samaritan couldn’t keep him, or didn’t want him. They just wanted to help get him off the streets so he didn’t get hit. One car trip would land him in prison…

It felt like forever, living in that small kennel where he would be separated from every visitor that came by. Oh, he’d do his best to wag his stubby tail and smile. It always seemed to be his neighbor that was picked. Now? It’d been five days since he was dropped off. Five long days of listening to nonstop barking and having only so many spots to relieve himself before he had no choice but to walk through it. Back and forth, inside and out, he’d greet each human, but they would pass him for another. He never gave up. Always hoping.

When the sun rose on the morning of his sixth day, he received a special treat. A human let him out. Little did he know it would be his last walk.


Dear Reader,

Forgive the sappy post. When I saw that the word for today’s post was “abandoned”, I immediately thought of all of the animals at the high kill shelters. But it isn’t just the animals that have been neglected and forgotten. It’s the innocents, the babies, the kids, the mentally or physically disabled, and so on.

What this world needs is not more blame, but more compassion. A voice for those that don’t have one.


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