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What I’ve Learned From Clash Royale

I try to actively participate in the apps and games that my kids, their friends or even my own family and friends might have an interest in. It’s ranged from Pokemon Go (thanks for that, Tam), to Frozen Free Fall (thanks to my mother-in-law) to the recently popular, Clash Royale.

There are a lot of fans of the game, but as time goes by, I’ve discovered I’m not one of them. It’s shown friends, specifically kids, to expect to lose because quite often they are pitted against someone of higher level than they are.

Besides that, there are the emoticons that allow the battling opponent to taunt and tease the player. I know….that’s the way of the world, right? Let’s not just enjoy the game equally. No, rather, let’s allow one opponent to make the other miserable, because only then will their self-worth and “feel good” status be raised enough to make it enjoyable for them as an individual. Just…awesome.

Not to mention the welcoming, open arms of the clans, right? Oh, no wait…I must be thinking of another game. Because not only did I see one player get denied entry to a clan that his/her friends were part of, I discovered that another player within that clan was booted out. No reason other than “we just don’t like you”. Anonymous and classy, just the way the Internet likes it.

Fans of the game can feel free to defend it all they want, but I’ve seen better…I’ve played better. This game is worthless and I would rather waste my time on something else. Seriously…anything else. Even Frozen Free Fall. lol  Nah, I’ll just browse Pinterest for DW pictures.


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