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My word…or death

A few days ago, the writing prompt was “promises”. And while I’m terrible at keeping up with the daily prompts, I’m good at one thing: keep my word.

For me, my word, my promise, is extremely important. I might say I’ll do something and then, later on wish I hadn’t. But I’d still go through with it.

I’m kinda feeling that way at the moment. I’d promised to take my son on a camping trip with a group of Boy Scouts. Camping isn’t new to us, except this time around there won’t be any showers or traditional bathrooms (let’s just leave it at that). Needless to say, because of that, I’m being grumpy and whiny about having to go. I have a headache and am exhausted from other things going on. But I gave my word…

So off we will go, this afternoon, joining the group to head up to the camp grounds and a weekend of (hopefully) fun.

If I chose to make an excuse, if I said “I’m really not up for this”, I might feel better temporarily, but in the long run? It’s really important to me that I keep my promise, or die trying.  😉



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